Biography & works: I've been researching and writing on the nuclear age since 2006, when I joined a grassroots effort that defeated 'Divine Strake,' the name given to a proposed, reckless military explosive experiment at the radioactively contaminated Nevada (nuclear) Test Site. Since that early victory, I've been dedicated to completing in-depth analyses on anthropogenic environmental radiation topics and related issues. My analyses, once freely available on my former (2011-2014) website,, span a wide spectrum of topics including 'Mighty Oak' (a nuclear test blunder), the Rongelapese, nuclear spacecraft re-entries, global nuclear testing fallout, radiation monitoring in the nuclear age, and radiation victim compensation (e.g., the Irene Allen case). So far, only a small fraction of my research has made it into my books, including 'Crossing the Line' and 'Rig, Rad, Run.' Please visit my author biography page at Amazon to learn more about my works. I've also been a vocal critic of U.S. subcritical nuclear testing and helped inspire actions such as the IPPNW's (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) 2012 letter to President Obama calling for the cessation of these tests. My essay 'A New Ointment to Treat Activist Burnout or The Half-Life of An Anti Nuclear Activist' is hosted here.'s Wayback Project'Hanford: Where DOE Lies Run Deep And Nuclear Waste Runs Deeper'

March 11, 2018 - Sample or purchase Andrew's latest ebook, 'The Danger in Our Walls: A Brief Look at the Hazards of Gypsum, Phosphogypsum and the Phosphate Industry'

Contact: To contact me, please send an e-mail to akishner(at)

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